We create places we want to go to

An idea always begins with
a pencil and a blank page

Creators, Collaborators, Restaurateurs

Award-winning nightclubs, independent coffee shops and Michelin-starred restaurants, our brands span all aspects of hospitality – each forged with an entirely unique perspective.

Steeped in over 25 years’ of industry expertise, we launched our creative studio in 2021 to collaborate on new ventures across the hospitality sector, on projects around the globe.

Studio Paskin Founders

Zoë and Layo’s journey began with the opening of The End nightclub in 1995, at the top of Drury Lane. It was to be more than a club. The End was recognised as a cultural institution, breaking many of the key musical acts in the years between 1995–2009. Highly regarded worldwide, The End influenced club culture for all of its 13 years.

AKA, followed suit – widely considered to be the first DJ bar, receiving industry distinctions for its design innovation, and quality of care.

Layo then launched his DJ and Producer career as one half of Layo & Bushwacka. Touring the world for a decade, Layo was afforded the opportunity to explore culturally dynamic cities, dine in the world’s best restaurants and sample the most diverse street food – from New York to Tokyo, São Paulo to Mumbai, and so on; shaping his perspective and narrative on nightlife and hospitality.

In 2014, Zoë and Layo pivoted from music and nightclubs to owning and operating one of the most eclectic and celebrated hospitality groups in London.